1. RULES

    Please refer to our Facebook page for our up to date policy details. 25 May 2018 The aim of the Mancsbound is to provide a safe environment for men who enjoy bondage in gear (see dress code details below) to meet, try, test and improve their skills. Mancsbound is a member’s only event, a membership form must be completed in order to gain entry, admission charges apply. The form requires any medical conditions and an emergency contact. Admission charges will be lower for members who pay an annual membership fee. All money raised will be invested in the group in the form of equipment which will be available at every event (the current venue fee is £2.50 per head to cover their costs). Occasional offers will be subject to change and the venue fee will still be paid (unless otherwise agreed). As part of the arrival process you will be asked to sign a record of attendance, this enables the organisers to keep a record of the numbers in order to pay the venue fees and also is you consenting to follow the event dress code and rules. You will be advised of any changes to these rules via the Facebook group, by email or in person on arrival. This is also a good time to advise Mancsbound of any change regarding your contact details and medical conditions which may affect how and who you play with (we have a First Aider on hand but he isn’t trained to carry out surgical procedures!). Attendance does not automatically allow attendees to tie or restrain someone, nor expect to be tied or restrained. You enter into any activity whilst at Mancsbound entirely at your own risk. If you prefer you can just watch no one will make you do anything except to buy a drink (the Bar has to make money too). No one should to be forced to take part in a scene/play, all parties must consent. The use of force to start a scene is not permitted. It is important to be aware of those around you who may not understand that you are using force as part of the scene, who may be influenced by, shocked or scared by such behaviour and actions. As the event is open to all levels of experience this should be considered and discussed first. • Flogging, Corporal Punishment, Nipple play, Cock & Ball torture are allowed provided consent is obtained from the ‘Sub’. DO NOT assume it’s open season just because they are tied up. • Using gags, muzzles, blindfolds, hoods, masks and collars also needs permission from the ‘Sub’ Do not attempt to join in with a scene unless invited, the use of ice can spoil the experience for the ‘Sub’ and damage the trust between them and the ‘Top’, if anyone says no then accept this and step away. A generic safe word will be displayed in the venue, if someone does not accept a request to stop a scene the use of the safe word will alert others and the ‘Top’ to release the person being restrained. If the safe word is used play must stop immediately, failure to respond to the group safe word could result in membership being cancelled. The host, venue staff and security staff may stop any scene or prevent any person from taking part in a scene if they feel there is any risk. The host and venue staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or to require someone to leave at any time, refunds will not be given and future admittance may then be refused. IMPORTANT: The venue does not have a licence that allows sex on the premises. For your own safety, no inappropriate fetish gear or play is allowed outside the event (if you smoke cover up before going outside). The organisers, venue and staff accept no responsibility for any personal kit brought into the events, or left in the cloakroom, any items left behind will be retained and we will make reasonable efforts to return them to their owners, any costs incurred will be invoiced. Do not block any play space if you are not intending to use it, try and keep clear of any scene and allow as much room as they need, you'll only have yourself to blame if you get in the line of swing... No Drugs are allowed before or during Mancsbound events (except poppers), if you appear to be under the influence of any substance (including prescription medication) you will be asked to leave and could be barred from future events. No Water sports, scat, blood, needles or anything that may cause an injury or permanent marks. We can only deal with problems as they arise, speak to the host or member of staff if the Club Rules are being abused. Last admission is 10pm The minimum age to attend is 18, proof of age may be requested.


    Photography is permitted provided consent has been given by all parties, there is an official photographer so you can ask for pictures to be taken. Official pictures may be displayed on the Mancsbound Facebook page, web gallery and other media including Twitter and Tumblr. If you do not want to appear in photographs then please tell before any are taken. Anyone seen or reported taking unauthorised pictures will asked to delete the pictures, be given a warning and may be asked to leave the event. Whilst the group cannot take responsibility for unauthorised pictures, however we will assist in any attempts to have them removed.