Our dress code is fairly flexible, the details below are a guide, if you have any questions or don't see what fits your fetish please contact us via our Facebook group, on Twitter or Tumblr and we can see whether it works for us.

  1. Rubber
    Rubber: T-Shirt, Vest, Leggings, Cat suit, Surf suits, Wetsuits, Wellies, Waders, Shorts, Jocks, Boots (including neoprene)
  2. Leather
    Biker Suits (one or two piece), Uniform, Jeans, Chaps, Waistcoats, Jackets, Jocks and Boots We allow Jeans & T-Shirts with boots
  3. Uniforms
    Uniforms: Military Issue, Police, Ambulance, industrial work wear (including overalls and tank suits), civilian (rail, bus, high viz) as complete as possible, Prison uniforms...
  4. Skinhead & Punks
    Skinhead & Punks
    Skinhead & Punks: Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Lonsdale, Schott, Alpha Industries MA1, Traditional Sta Press, Bleachers, skin tight jeans, bondage trousers, ex army combats, boots & braces and more.
  5. Team Kits
    Team Kits
    Football/Rugby Kit of a recognised team – complete, matching shorts and shirt with team socks as well or as close to the real thing as possible. Other sports teams sports like Cricket, Hockey, Baseball, American Football are acceptable and more.
  6. Suits and Work Wear
    Suits and Work Wear
    Tailored business suit with Jacket, Trousers, Shirt, Tie and shoes or boots, waistcoats optional. Work wear including high viz and more.
  7. Other Sports
    Other Sports
    For example:Team Cycling Kit, Tri suits, full Lycra and Super Hero costumes (not fancy dress outfits), running gear, Wrestling suits, Swim wear - you must wear shoes as there may be glass on the floors.