Mancsbound began in February 2014, based on my visits to  Fetishbound at Central Station in London, to provide a safe space for men to meet like minded men who enjoy bondage and to practice and learn new skills.

Since you can get naked whenever you want at home we have a dress code. This includes a huge range of gear from sports wear, rubber, leather, uniforms, work wear and suits.
People have often asked us to relax the dress code however on the nights where we've done this everyone has arrived with something to wear which matches our policy!
First timers may be allowed to attend in non policy clothing however we prefer it if people make the effort.

Evenings tend to start with people chatting after they've got changed (there is a space provided to change, leave bags and coats, this operates on an honestly basis, anything left here as at your own risk).

Occasionally we have demonstrations by members of different bondage skills these are usually published in advance on our events page.
Following this things tend to start with someone being tied, wrapped or chained. 

Getting tied up anywhere can be both exciting and scary, we have a safe word policy to help everyone feel safe. 

​The safe word policy means if you're not happy with anything that is happening to you then using the safe word is a stop sign to whoever you are playing with. Anyone nearby who hears the safe word will also offer assistance if required.

If you want to be tied or wrapped, or want to tie someone and are a bit shy about asking then please speak to the host who will try and introduce you to someone who might be interested in taking part. As the old saying goes: if you don't ask you don't get. Please don't be offended if someone declines.


The Black Eagle has it's own cage and
St. Andrew's Cross.
In addition we provide rope,
gaffa tape, pallet wrap and bandages
for members to use, plus matting for 
pups and a soft play space for hog ties
​and mummification.

All our equipment comes from money 
we make on the door, Mancsbound is
run by volunteers and all profits are 
re-invested in the club either on 
replacing the regular kit or trying to
promote the group.

Please don't take any of the items 
away without permission.

You can buy some things from us 
like gaffa tape or pallet wrap if you let us know in advance that you want some. Please contact us via twitter or Facebook to enquire about prices.
Members often bring their own equipment to use, this is at their own risk, please ensure you treat anything they bring with respect, after all you'd not want your gear damaged.
We usually have our own security guard on duty who is also a trained First Aider as well as others trained in emergency First Aid.

Meetings are on the 3rd Friday of each month with doors opening at 7.15pm at:
The Eagle, 15 Bloom Street, Manchester, M1 3HZ. 
We have exclusive use of the Black Eagle until 11pm after which everyone is welcome as the bar stays open into Saturday morning.

To join just simply come along, complete a membership application on arrival and that's it. For your first visit you'll pay the guest price after that it's the members rate.
Normal admission costs:
Members £4
Guests £6 (includes membership fee)
Charges for events outside our usual nights will vary.